Important Customer Service Alerts

Unauthorized Renewals and Subscription Offers Through the Mail and by Phone:

We have learned that a number of unauthorized agents are sending mail solicitations and placing telemarketing calls, attempting to acquire new subscriptions and renewal orders for our magazine titles. These agents are not approved to represent National Geographic, nor are they affiliated with National Geographic in any way. Please do not give out any personal, payment or credit card information. Do not renew your subscription through the mail or over the phone with any of the unauthorized agents listed below:

Allied Publishers Service
American Magazine Service
Associated Publisher Services
Atlantic Publishers Group (APG)
Century Magazine Publishers
CC Media Inc
Consolidated Processing Inc.
Circulation Billing Service
Choice Publications
4 Magazines
Global Publication Processing, Inc. (GPP)
Global Reader Services
Gulf State Pub
Innovative Data Services
Magazines (Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles)
Magazine Billing Network
Magazine Billing Services
Magazine Consultants
Magazine Distribution Services
Magazine Service Center
Magazine Subscription Services
National Magazine Services Inc
NPG National Publisher's Group (Glendale, CA)
Orbital Publishing
Pacific Magazine Billing
Publishers Billing Association
Publishers Billing Center
Publishers Billing Exchange
Publishers Marketing Bureau
Publishers Marketing Services Inc.
Publishers Payment Center
Publishers Payment Service
Publishers Service Center
Readers Billing Services
Readers Direct Publication
Readers Payment Service
Satellite Publishing
Seascape Publishers Network
Southwest Publication Processing (SPP)
Subscription Billing Services
Subscription Payment Services
Unique Readers Services
United Publishers Network
United Publication Services
United Publishers Service
US Reader Inc.

We have been working with our legal department, the United States Postal Service and State Attorney General offices to track down these agents and to issue cease and desist orders to stop this activity. Should you be contacted by any of these unauthorized agents, please notify us of the details by writing to:

National Geographic
Consumer and Member Marketing Division
1145 17th Street NW
Washington DC 20036

Sweepstake Scam:

National Geographic has recently received calls and emails from people who have been sent a letter by various claim services (including Guardian Financial, Global Financial, Alliance Financial and other claim services) telling them that they are a winner of a National Geographic sweepstakes. The letter asks them to call a number and cash an enclosed check. This is a scam and National Geographic has no involvement or relationship with any of the people or companies named in the letter. Please do not cash the check or give the company listed in the letter any personal information of any kind. National Geographic has alerted the Fraud Section of the US Department of Justice of the scam.

Mistreatment of Magazine Crews:

There has been recent media coverage about the mistreatment of young adults who join "magazine crews" that sell subscriptions door to door to the public. We wish to assure our customers that National Geographic does not authorize any door to door agents to acquire subscriptions on our behalf. National Geographic does use several legitimate subscription services and our policy has been clearly communicated to all of these approved agents. We have worked aggressively to address this issue and, in the future, will continue to specifically prohibit such door to door sales of our magazines.

If Action is Needed:

If you are unsure of an offer you have received, or if you believe you may have already placed an order, either through the mail with one of the above mentioned unauthorized agents, or through a door to door solicitation, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately at 1-800-647-5463 or at We will be glad to investigate this matter for you.